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National Dairy Herd Improvement Program(NDHI) is the unique and efficient dairy-farm management program controled by NHABGROUP, Korea, in which more than 3,000 dairy farmers can get regularly the precise records of their individual cows such as milk production, component of fat and protein, milk urea level(MUN), the amount of feed-intake and even breeding date, etc. Using these DHI data, every farmer can be aware of current situations in their farms to make the right decision for profitable dairy farming.
- Under easy availability of high speeds internet services in Korea, dairy farmers can query their DHI information on real-time through DCIC’s website(www.dcic.co.kr). Monthly summary, the individual and the herd average performance data as well as the lifetime test summary and all kinds of graphic information are available in 24 hours a day and all around the year. So dairy farmer can manage their farming just in their living room!

- Not to mention the internet information, other essential data such as real-time breeding and reproduction information can be sent to farmer‘s cellular phone via mobile phone DHI service system.
- With these well-organized DCIC's services for dairy improvement, DHI milk yield per cow (305d) in Korea has increased as much as 200% from 10,395kg to 5,438kg over the last 39years, which ranked as the 3th by the International Committee for Animal Recording in Auckland, New Zealand in 2018.

- We are proud of our dairy genetic history, just saying that we started from 'nothing' but now we have 'something' in improving dairy cattle. Then we'd like to say that we are ready to share our experiences and knowledges with dairy farmers in the world.