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  Recently, DCIC with special assistances of Government Agency have evaluated the whole daughters of over 1,200 dairy bulls including some top bulls from foreign countries, which were used for breeding over past 5 years in Korea. Then we found triumphantly a Korean dairy bull called "Alan" was ranked as the No.1 bull in all traits of genetic proofs from the year 2004 to 2005.
  In addition, the winner of the grand champion cow in the 2005 Korean National Holstein Show was the daughter of "Jeju-do" bull, which was also proven genetically through Korean progeny test program run by DCIC. Under this program, some top cows, which meet the strict genetic standards, are super-ovulated and transferred to recipient cows to produce top quality of young bulls by DCIC
- The highest milk record per lactation : 20,000kg(305d, 2x)
- The highest fat record per lactation : 6.7%
- The best record of milking in lifetime : 140,000kg in 9 lactation
- The top herd milking average : 14,000kg
- The average DHI somatic cell count : 233 thousands/ml
- Our goal is only one: to provide fresh , nourishable and abundant milk to humankind through the best dairy cows. Toward this goal, we are doing our best with our farmers and partners all over the world!